I'm a 2nd stage bodybuilding/fitness trainer. I'm also studio cycling specialist and pilates instructor.

I completed my bachelor and master degree at the Faculty of Sport Sciences.

I am currently continuing my doctorate education.

I set up this site to share the topics/lecture notes which I read/wondered in foreign/turkish languages. My goal; to provide you with as much scientific information as possible and to be an intermediary in this regard. I hope you can benefit from the site.

I always open to comments and suggestions.
If you have any question, you can first contact me through the "Contact" page after browsing the "FAQ" page.

There is informations about how to support and sharing article/lectures on the FAQ page.

I would be glad if you can support especially in the fields of Sports Psychology and Sports Management which are out of my field :)

Share it with your friends too!
Stay with sport and science!

NOTE: "English Language Blog"  part is under construction!!!

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